Safe Solutions Founder, Steve Tvedten has written numerous books that deal with ways to safely control pests.

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The Best Control 2

The Best Control 2 is a reference manual of nontoxic pest control or strategies, or Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Knowledge base of research developed by Stephen Tvedten he has termed Intelligent Pest Management®. This guide will teach you how to implement nontoxic alternatives to pesticides safely and easily by yourself. This information is provided as a free resource to encourage the spread of safe alternatives to chemical poisons, and thus reduce contamination to ourselves and pollution to our environment.

This helpful guide contains thousands of pesticide-free alternative solutions for controlling insects that are safer and more effective than pesticides. Learn how to control pest problems yourself and protect your indoor air quality from volatile chemical poisons.

The Natural Pest Control

Everything you’ve been taught about killing insects and pests is wrong! Learn how to:

Create Effective Traps in 5 Minutes To Kill Ants, Termites, Cockroaches and More!
In 5 minutes and for less than $5, you can create a baited trap that will kill almost any insect pest crawling in your home – without harming you, your family or your pets! For pests like ants and termites, where killing everything in the nest is necessary to stop the infestation for good, nothing will work better than these home-made pest traps which kill the pests without harming you or your family.

How To Kill Bugs Fast With Dish Soap and Other Detergents.
Did you know that your household detergents were developed during World War II and when mixed with water will effectively kill almost any household bugs and pests including insects and arachnids?

And much more…

33 Ways To Get Rid Of Parasites

“Parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history” – National Geographic. Protect Yourself!

Kill Parasites Fast With Over 33 Natural Foods, Herbs and Treatments

Did you know that many authorities believe over 85% of people in North America are infected with parasites? Some experts estimate it might actually be 95 people like you and me out of every 100 that is infected with parasites – just in North America!

In this book, you’ll discover how to get rid of parasites fast using natural herbs, diatomaceous earth, and other natural remedies to cleanse your body and help you defend yourself.

The Natural Pest Control

Preface: This book was written to increase your awareness about the potentially tragic, harmful effects of the numerous chemicals to which we are all exposed on a daily basis. Prevention and avoidance are the keys. Detoxification or the elimination of chemicals from your body and surroundings, is a must.

Dedication: In 1962 Rachel Carson warned us in her book Silent Spring that, unless we change what we are presently doing, we shall have a silent summer, fall and winter. We are truly one. Plants, animals and humans are all being affected. Our problems are universal. Air and water know no borders.

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