Garden Time – Tips and Safer Solutions

Garden Time – Tips and Safer Solutions

Safer Solutions and tips to fertilizing your new garden:
Want to make sure your garden, field and/or flower seeds “start growing with a bang”? Cut several yellow branches from a weeping willow tree in the Spring and then cut each branch into 3-4 inch pieces and place them loosely into a 5 gallon pail (3/4 full) and then fill the 5 gallon pail with well water or water from a non-chlorinated source. Leave the bucket in the sun for 2 -3 hours and then pour off the liquid and water your freshly planted seeds and watch your now energized seeds literally explode with growth! THIS TECHNIQUE IS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE AND IT IS FREE!

Why does it work? There is incredible power in these “yellow” weeping willow pieces – you can easily start growing a new tree with them – as the Summer progresses this becomes harder to do.

Starting a Weeping Willow from a Cutting – All you have to do is put the cut end in water and change it every 2 or 3 days, be sure there is room between the twigs so don’t crowd them in a glass or jar. Rinse the stem ends when you change the water but stop rinsing them once you see roots, just carefully flood the jar with warm water until it is clear again, once roots start appearing simply pot them up and try to keep them in a warm area, they grow like crazy so be prepared!

If you are concerned with keeping your plants “Bug Free”, try our “TweetMint” enzyme cleaner to keep them pest free all summer! It is SAFE and EFFECTIVE for your plants, you, pets, and the environment.

Continue seeking Safer Solutions for a Safer World and Life!

If you are interested in learning more on “Organic Gardening” please see our chapter in our free “Best Control 2” manual. Here is the link:

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