Bug Blog on Mosquitoes

Bug Blog on Mosquitoes

Our “Bug Blog” today is on the pesky Mosquito

Mosquitoes can be very annoying, but can also carry disease. Recent research and news have reported the discovery of a major population of the mosquito species Aedes aegypti. This species is capable of carrying tropical diseases such as the Zika virus, dengue fever and chikungunya. These types of mosquitoes were found in a Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Researchers have identified genetic evidence that these mosquitoes have overwintered for at least the past four years. This evidence shows that these mosquitoes are adapting for persistence in a northern climate well out of their normal range.

There are many safe ways to repel mosquitoes and keep them from biting you. Some of these remedies work better for some people than they do for others – we are all very unique with different blood types as well. Hopefully you are not the type that the mosquitoes tend to like the most.

A few of the following suggestions to best repel mosquitoes are found as well as Possible Treatments to eliminate them in the link provided below:


The next link is to our “Mosquito chapter” from The Best Control 2 manual providing more extensive information on the Mosquito and how to prevent them from being attracted to you and the areas you are trying to enjoy. Please check it out!


Have a Pest Free Day!

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