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The Best Control 2©

Download The Best Control 2©

The Best Control 2 is a reference manual of nontoxic pest control or strategies, or Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Knowledge base of research developed by Stephen Tvedten he has termed Intelligent Pest Management®. This guide will teach you how to implement nontoxic alternatives to pesticides safely and easily by yourself. This information is provided as a free resource to encourage the spread of safe alternatives to chemical poisons, and thus reduce contamination to ourselves and pollution to our environment.

This helpful guide contains thousands of pesticide-free alternative solutions for controlling insects that are safer and more effective than pesticides. Learn how to control pest problems yourself and protect your indoor air quality from volatile chemical poisons.

Download The Best Control 2 Encyclopedia of Nontoxic Pest Control.

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The Bug Stops Here

Download The Bug Stops Here

The Bug Stops Here
By: Stephen Tvedten

For those who prefer paper books and lighter reading materials, The Bug Stops Here, a condensed quick tip companion guide to the larger body of reference material in The Best Control 2. Contains helpful hints and strategies on nontoxic pest control. Available for a purchase in paperback or hardcover at the website Author House, or download the free e-book below. All information provided for reference purposes only.

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"The Bug Stops Here"

The Bug Stops Here (paperback)    Quantity:   $16.50 

Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call

Our Toxic World

Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call
By: Dr. Doris J. Rapp

Preface: This book was written to increase your awareness about the potentially tragic, harmful effects of the numerous chemicals to which we are all exposed on a daily basis. Prevention and avoidance are the keys. Detoxification or the elimination of chemicals from your body and surroundings, is a must.

Dedication: In 1962 Rachel Carson warned us in her book Silent Spring that, unless we change what we are presently doing, we shall have a silent summer, fall and winter. We are truly one. Plants, animals and humans are all being affected. Our problems are universal. Air and water know no borders.

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Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call   Quantity:   $24.95 


Life's Delicate Balance

Life's Delicate Balance

Life's Delicate Balance: Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer
By: Janette D. Sherman, M.D.

With breast cancer rates soaring, Life's Delicate Balance defines and documents many causes, highlighting means to prevention. Applicable to other cancers as well, this book is being published at a critical time. Patients, their families, environmental activists, physicians, attorneys, and all of those working toward prevention will find this book interesting, informative, and insightful.

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Life's Delicate Balance   Quantity:   $24.95 


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