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Pet Wash Nontoxic Shampoo

Nontoxic Flea ShampooDoes your pet itch, scratch or bite at their fur? Give them a soothing bath with Pet Wash - a nontoxic shampoo for dogs, cats and animals. Pet Wash quickly eliminates pet problems, removes loose hair and dander which cause allergies, ends odors (including skunk spray!), and restores their coat to lustrous health. Your pet will be grateful for the fast relief, while you can be proud your furry friend is protected from pesticidal bath treatments. Pamper your pet today!

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Nontoxic  ·  Biodegradable  ·  pH Balanced  ·  Hypoallergenic

No Pesticides  ·  No Chemicals  ·  Safe  ·  Eco-Friendly

Ingredients: Purified water, anionic/nonionic surfactant blend, glycerin, enzymes, peppermint oil, sodium borate (Pet Wash is not sold as a pesticide)

Customers who purchased Pet Wash to control fleas have also suggested using Safe Solutions Enzyme Cleaner to clean pet bedding, kennels and stalls.


Pet Wash (8 oz. Bottle)   Quantity:   $25.95 

Nontoxic Flea Shampoo, Remove Fleas

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